Sunday, November 21, 2010

Nature study pics

Well, this past week was an almost complete write-off, school-wise. We got the basics like math, French and spelling done, and Project Feeder Watch began this week so we had fun watching all the birds discover our new bird feeder. We also went to Swim and Gym and took the dogs for lots of rambling walks.

Other than that we worked on the fall kit from Hearts And Trees (Harmony Art Mom's daughter's blog); M especially enjoyed the project where you choose a single insect from a print by Jan Van Kessel, and try to reproduce it yourself on a postcard in watercolours. She is often dissatisfied with her own work, being (like her mother) of the Type A persuasion, but I am often blown away by the things she can produce.

My parents came for the week to help us with the ongoing act of renovation that we have committed on M's bedroom, and we are now less than a week away from finishing (we hope!). My preschool sidekick was back at the doctor for yet another round of infectious pneumonia, which we are hoping he did not pass along to my Mum and Dad!

Since I have very little to show for what we got up to, I offer instead some pictures from a couple of weeks ago when my sister in law came over with her pack. We took all 6 kids and the dogs for a walk in the rain and challenged them to choose something from our outing that they'd like to draw as nature study when we got back.  Here they are in action. (The three year olds chose to instead eat everything in sight and empty out every toy in the basement.) Enjoy!

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