Thursday, January 5, 2012

Ways I plan to be better this year

I don't "do" resolutions. I have no attention span, and by the next day I have misplaced the paper I wrote them on (it may have something to do with the amount of alcohol usually coinciding with New Year's Eve celebrations) and I can't remember them anyway. Or I can find the paper but after a couple of days I am overwhelmed and exhausted by my own ambitious start and give up in favour of a nap.

So this year, I have decided to try to make a few small changes that hopefully will add up to big results. Feel free to mock me a month or two from now.

As a parent:

1. Less TV time, more games time - we have designated Thursday nights as Game Night.
2. More exercise (so they hopefully have their mom for longer) - I'm aiming for an extra 15 minutes a day.
3. More one on one opportunities (tricky with multiple kids, but I'm working on it)
4. More praise, less crabbing.
5. I will take a deep breath when I feel the Evil Shrieking Woman fighting to get out. I will take 100, if I have to. (Perimenopause will not rule me!)

As a blogger:
1. I will post more regularly: my goal is one post, per blog, per week.
2. I will try to find out what people actually want to read. Feel free to tell me what you  to read about so I can bore you less often. I would prefer to not to see "you just suck all-round" as a comment, though.
3. I will learn how to take better photos and also how to turn them around in blogger so you don't have to crane your neck sideways.

As a spouse:
1. I will try to remember to tell my husband only the good things, or at least the good things first, when he makes the grevious error of asking how my day went.
2. I will try to actually focus when he is telling me how his day went, instead of listening with half an ear as I stir pots, answer children, and glaze over. He is one of those rare individuals who really likes his job and his employers, and I would like to be more actively supportive.
3. I will try to arrange Date Night once a month, since we almost never manage to go out at the same time without a child or two in tow. Date Night may have to be a Sunday morning, but I will make it work!
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