Saturday, March 31, 2012

10 reasons why homeschooling is better than public school

1. Your clothing budget is drastically reduced. If your children each have two pairs of pyjamas (one to wear, one to wash), at least one tshirt without stains, and a respectable pair of pants, you're all set! Bonus points if you can convince the child that shoes are also neccessary.

2. Real food. You can warp your children's brains early on into thinking that multi-grain homemade bread and vegetables from your garden (with homemade hummus) is the best food ever. They may even think that processed food tastes weird, if you "program" them early enough.

3. Close-knit family. Why send them out to argue with a bunch of children the same age when they can learn their debating skills from older siblings and parents?

4. Creative turns of phrase. Your child may prefer "Avast, ye scurvy lubber!" to "Stop iiiiiiitttt!". Unless they spend time regularly in the car with me, the driver/potty mouth. Then all bets are off.

5. Sleep. Your child can get the sleep they actually need. Unfortunately, in the case of my children, that's still very little sleep. Maybe yours need more than 5  hours.

6. Time to pursue interests. Once school time is done, I generally find one child programming, once dancing, and one cooking. Often there is overlap...which probably explains my kitchen floor.

7. Learning real, useful stuff instead of how to raise your hand. Enough said.

8. No bullies (and if a sibling tried it, easily and swiftly dealt with). I refute, absolutely, the premise that your child needs to be shoved around, picked on, and manipulated as a child in order to be a successful adult. Especially when the worst offenders are sometimes the very people supposed to be in charge of the class.

9. Days off at convenient times. Anyone who has had a child in school knows the horror of discovering at 8pm that  "Oh yeah, Mom...." there's no school the next day....right when the CEO is visiting your office from another country. Choosing how and when you take a break is one of the best things about homeschooling.

10. Homeschooling gives you TIME. Time to enjoy their childhoods. Time to give them a wonderful childhood. Time to show them the wonders of the outdoors. Time to play and use their imaginations.

What other things, in your opinion, make it so much better?
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