Friday, January 18, 2013

Weekly Wrap-up: What DID we do?!!

I started to write this a couple of times and then realized that I have very little idea what we did all week.

Let's see: I saw my doctor for The Cough That Won't Die, and had a conversation wherein I found out that the last doctor who gave me inhaler instructions didn't know what they were talking about. Suitably chastened, I have started using them in what I hope is the correct manner but the cough is still there. Maybe you're actually supposed to use them in your ear or belly button or something and the order of operations doesn't matter at all.

We made an estimated 30 zillion pillow and/or table forts, all involving multiple blankets and many, many couch cushions and stuffed animals.

We played a lot of impromptu games like toilet tube bowling. Note the painter's tape "lane" - fancy, eh?

We did a bunch of crafts and nature journal sketches, none of which we have put away the supplies for. As a result we ate supper off our knees last night in front of the fire, because nobody wanted to take on the disaster on the dining room table. Or the basement table, for that matter.

We did the most basic schoolwork...math, writing, grammar, and a few other things. We attempted the lesson about writing limericks on schoolhouseteachers.com and I found M sobbing in the bathroom like her heart was broken, because she couldn't get the last line of her limerick just right. K, once he'd finished mocking his sister, produced several limericks of questionable taste, none of which I will post here.

We did a big deep-clean of the basement. The dogs then felt it was their duty to chew (into tiny hard pieces) every tennis ball in the house, all over the basement carpet. They're helpful like that.

On the plus side, half the snow melted before it refroze into sheet ice outside, the kids are mostly not breaking things, and I have supper -Greek pork tenderloin and lemon potatoes- in the crockpot. Roll on Saturday!

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