Easy Carved Love Stamps Craft for Kids

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D8 made these easy carved love stamps today in about 15 minutes to send to family (you know who you are!), and he enjoyed it so much that I thought I would share the craft in case anyone is looking for a fun and fast way to send some love.

carved love stamps craft for kids

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One note: this is definitely a craft that needs attentive adult supervision, because the carving tools are sharp!

You’ll need:

Rubber stamping sheet (the thing you will carve – you can get several stamps out of one of these sheets)

a carving tool

-work gloves or some kind of protection for kid hands

-eye protection

blank cards and envelopes

ink pads

Take your rubber stamp and have the child draw a heart, or a word, or whatever love-themed thing they wish. D chose to write the word “love” for the inside, and a heart outline for the outside of the envelope. Remember that any words have to be written backwards!

Have the child put on their gloves and eye protection. I didn’t think of gloves until D lost  his grip briefly on the tool while carving and cut his other hand a tiny bit – not life threatening but if you can prevent it, why not?

easy love carving stamping craft cutting the cubber

Have your child carefully carve along the lines with the v-shaped cutting tool. For the end of each line they carve, they can slice the tool downwards to get a clean edge. It doesn’t need to be pressed too hard; just enough to dig a line is good. When they’ve got the outline, have them go back over and wobblier looking bits and try to carve it a bit more smoothly. Texture is an option too inside the lines, although D went more for the “it’s-almost-lunchtime” purist approach!

carved love stamping craft cutting rubber

With the carved face up, tip the ink pad upside down and have the child rub it all across the surface. Don’t worry when it gets onto the table, the ink is water washable!

carved love stamping craft stamping ink

Flip over, place down on your card carefully, and press down (being careful not to let it slide around).

carved love stamping craft pressing ink down


Lift off carefully and admire your carved love stamps.

carved love stamping craft finished

Let these dry for a couple of hours before you mail them or insert cards into the envelopes. Have fun!

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