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Happy International Submarine Day! (Yep, that’s a real thing, March 17th.) Here’s an easy submarine that kids can make- best of all, you only need 4 things that are in almost every home to get hours of play from it.

an easy submarine for kids to make

You need:

-a paperclip

-a pen cap

-Blue Tack (or whatever you call that blue stuff that sticks posters to the wall)

-a plastic water bottle – I know, environmental sinning, but your local recycling place probably has one you can use if you don’t want to buy one.

Here’s the video we learned it from:

This was really entertaining, but I wanted to make sure that D8 learned something from it too. We got out The Way Things Work by David McCauley and looked at the page that explained more about ballast tanks, hydroplanes and compressed air and how they’re used to adjust the level of the sub. D speculated that the water entering the pen cap works like a ballast tank, and that squeezing increased the pressure of the water drawing his “sub” down.  Not one hundred percent accurate but enough to show that he has a grasp on the subject!

The Way Things Work

bottle submarine

Why yes, he does need a haircut. There are eyes under there somewhere.

A pile of us bloggers have banded together to create a Submarine Blog Hop. Be sure to check out all the great posts and add your own posts to the link-up below! (The image directly below here is perfect for Pinterest, if you’d like to help share this post. Thanks!)

an easy submarine for kids to make pinterest image
Join us as we celebrate International Submarine Day – 17th March with a whole host of some wonderful submarine activities, crafts and play ideas from around the globe!

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