Thursday, February 9, 2012

Hogwarts, Day 1 Year 1 (a unit study)

Inspired by a Harry Potter unit study discussion on the Well-Trained Minds forums a week or two ago for an early-elementary child, I threw together a Hogwarts unit study for M, grade 5.

I'll upload the excel spreadsheet with the 10-week schedule, acceptance letter, and any journal pages to hslaunch as we go along, in case anyone else is interested.

M is sick with a nasty cold and a racking cough, so we started with a light day. We curled up in the basement under blankets and watched the movie. Then I presented M with her "Hogwarts acceptance letter".

As you can see, the first assignment is to write a letter in the correct format. I'll post it when she sends it to me.

Then I gave her her first Herbology assignment, a journal page researching a plant that has been around almost unchanged for most of the Earth's history. It's due tomorrow evening as well (I cut her some slack today).

Then for spells, we made Troll Boogers.

1/4 cup Eye of Newt (Muggles know this as borax)
1 cup Unicorn Tears (water)
1 cup Troll toe-jam (white glue)

Add the Eye of Newt (carefully!) to the Unicorn tears and stir until dissolved. Then add the toe-jam and mix. Take out, knead, and play with your booger.

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