Lego: 5 Reasons why you should use it with your kids

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If ever there was a quintessential childhood building activity, Lego would be it. My brother had an old suitcase under his bed full of the stuff, and I remember spending many hours happily bickering over who got to use the wheels or the long strips in our creations.

As an adult, I am equally sold on its value for my own children, even if I dislike having that much plastic in their toy collection (as a side note, you can now buy these gorgeous wooden building bricks instead if you share my feelings on this). Why should every child have Lego to play with?

Lego: 5 reasons why you should use it

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1. Lego may just be the ultimate math and engineering learning toy.

Nothing else that I’ve ever encountered gives them hands-on learning practice on such a concrete way.  Calculating rows, numbers of bricks needed, building a structure that won’t fall apart when a rampaging dragon appears in their Lego city…….you just can’t beat it for sneaky teaching of these vital skills. They  have to be able to mentally visualize a 3-D creation and then pull it together. (How will I make that castle/forest/giant robot? What can I do to make this car actually move? )
Lego classic bricks set



2. It requires patience.

Bucket-loads of it are needed, because no matter how you try, Lego structures have to be built brick by brick and piece by piece; there’s just no getting around it.
Lego Frozen castle set

3. It encourages imagination.

With so many opportunities these days for kids to let a toy do all the thinking for them, Lego requires a sense of play and wonder that might otherwise be lost. This is probably my favorite thing about it.
Lego Millenium Falcon kit

4. It reinforces fine motor skills.

Every child needs constant practice in this area. It’s great for them all, but especially beneficial for kids with dyslexia and other challenges that may delay fine motor skills. If your child’s handwriting is big and messy, Lego building is going to help as much as, if not more than piles of copywork and they’ll enjoy it a whole lot more.
Lego Eiffel Tower architecture kit

5. It’s fun!

Yes, there are lots of good reasons why Lego should be in every child’s life, but the main reason is that it is a ton of fun, for kids and parents alike. Just make sure it goes away at the end of the day because nothing is less fun that stepping on a Lego brick at 3am in the dark!
Lego toy holder for easy cleanup


What’s your favorite thing about Lego?

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  1. We are certainly Lego fans in our household. It also never looses its value so it is a good investment (or so my husband keeps telling me!)

  2. Lego has always been in our home..I never thought of it as a learning tool for math! Another great reason to love Lego..just don’t like stepping on them, they hurt like a


      January 13, 2016 at 5:42 pm

      It’s true, Ginette! I once stepped onto a piece, leaped off in a hurry, landed on a toy car, rolled forward and broke my toe 🙂 As you can imagine, I’m somewhat obsessed with its being put away now!

  3. I still love LEGO. The kids don’t play with them as much as they used to, but once in a while, they go on a building spree!


      January 13, 2016 at 5:41 pm

      It’s amazing how often the older children in our house “just happen” to find themselves in the vicinity when D gets out the Lego.I still love it myself!

  4. We always love LEGO! Thanks for the post!

  5. We have legos for the kids and they love them. I sometimes get involved with helping them build stuff

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